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A love to remember - Vrinda & Gaurav - Goa

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Goa, India

What does love feel like to you? A cool breeze on a hot summer afternoon, a hot cup of tea after a tiring day at work or the fresh fragrance of the wet soil after the first shower of the year? To us, love feels like all of the above but describing it the best would be the twinkle in Gaurav's eye as he sees Vrinda for the first time, walking down the aisle decked in all her bridal finery! Vrinda & Gaurav have redefined love for us, for good! Their innocent, childlike giggles, their playful babble and spirited mischiefs kept us hooked on to them all day!Here's a little sneak peek into why we fell in love with their love story!

We bet you won't be able to keep your hearts to yourselves either!

Hey there !! The fun doesn't stop here. Here's a little treat for you for having scrolled till the end. Watch the film below and let us know how you like it!

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