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Silence Weds Violence! - Arjun & Keya - Jaipur

Updated: May 19

Have you ever come across a couple that is so different from each other and yet make a beautiful match together? Arjun and Keya are two such individuals who are so uniquely different but still form an incredible pair. The silent and sophisticated Arjun, who is probably the most introverted person we have ever known is extremely opposite to the 'violently' bubbly Keya. He is the calm to her storm, the bliss to her chaos, the yin to her yan! Not only do they balance each other out beautifully, they also complete each other creating for themselves a world that is so full of happiness!

As they embark upon this journey towards their happily every after, we wish them lots and lots of love, light and happiness! With Keya around the corner, we are sure there won't be a single dull day. But we hope Arjun's calms brings to their lives an everlasting spell of peaceful bliss!

Here's a sneak peek into their wedding celebrations.

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