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The Princess & her Knight in a shining armour ! - Maha & Jonathan - Bahrain

Maha & Jon's love story began like a conventional millennial tale! Girl swiped boy right on Tinder and sparks began to fly. However, little did they know then that the sparks would actually make way for wedding sparkles... 8 years down the line!

We are absolutely thrilled to become a part of this heartwarming affair and would love to give you a sneak peek of their Love Story.

Venue : Four Seasons Hotel, Bahrain

Event Planner : Ever After, Bahrain

The couple's Tinder tale kickstarted with them having an actual meet-n-greet in person a year after they swiped each other right. One thing led to another and before they even knew, they were head over heels in love with one another. Years of long distance communication, innumerable flights and tremendous passion led to the couple finally tying the knot in 2022... Months after it was scheduled to be (Reason? The big C!)

Albeit, nothing could hinder this gorgeous couple from having the wedding of their dreams come true. The bride always wanted a surreal destination wedding for herself which was planned to T in Bahrain. Friends flew in from all parts of the world. The bride and groom ensured a true-blue fun-filled time for their guests that reflected their vibrant personalities perfectly.

From a sand-storm that moved the wedding venue indoors to a plush F1 racing session right after the wedding ceremony, there are a million reasons that made the wedding a big memorable day for the couple, with their love for each other being the first! Not just that, they also ensured that all the little details of the decor and food reflected the course of their courtship.

Hope you loved it as much as we do! For more such heartwarming wedding stories, check our blog on

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