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Two less Fish in the Sea - Apoorva & Dhiman - Marari

Straight out of a romantic Bollywood flick, Apoorva and Dhiman's love story started a few years back when they were batchmates at a University in Geneva. Although studying different courses, the two happened to bump in to each other quite a few times eventually turning into the best of friends! Dhiman recently confided in to Apoorva that he somehow always found her pretty right from the time they first met! One thing led to another and before the two could even know, Apoorva and Dhiman commited their forevers to each other on a romantic Diwali night!

Apoorva calls Dhiman her 4 am friend! Having studied at the same University for multiple years, far away from their homes, the two happened to develop an inseparable bond and how! They were each other's family... Each other's home away from home!

While love had made its stance clear, a formal engagement was definitely the next thing to follow. But before that could happen, Dhiman wasn't going to let his ladylove be devoid of a surreal proposal! So in one of the reece sessions of the engagement venue, Dhiman decided to play with Apoorva a game of trivia. What followed was our boy going down on his knee with the most romantic proposal Apoorva could have ever imagined!

Ofcourse, she said yes!

The engagement hosted at CGH Marari was a gorgeous, quaint affair celebrated with love, love and more love. Here's a sneak peek into it with a little confession from our end... We can't wait to see these guys get married!

Hold on to your hearts...

Hope you have enjoyed the Love just as how we felt it. Also sharing a hint here....We will be releasing the super-cute-fun-amazing Engagement Film Officially on Sunday at 11am.

Stay tuned for more from this day.


Team Magic Motion Media

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